The rich history of Edipsos'  thermal water begins in ancient times thanks to the precious gift nature has given, the water.

According to mythology, the goddess Athena asked Hephaestus, the God of fire, to bring hot and healing waters to the surface of the Earth so as Hercules would bathe in these waters in order to relax and regain his strength. The god Hephaestus hit into with the bowels of the earth with his divine hammer and thermal waters immediately sprang.

But their story does not end there. We meet them again through the writings of Aristotle, Plutarch and Strabo. Also, in Roman Chronicles, the Roman general, Sullas, to find relief for a disease that struck him benefited the city that created the first hot spots. Since then, there have been many emperors, Romans and Byzantines, who, to express their great gratitude, have offered them sculptures in the city. The beginning of the 20th century marks the golden age of Edipsos. Its wide reputation and the proven healing properties of its thermal springs attract a multitude of wealthy citizens, famous artists and scientists.

In the 21st century, SPAs were very popular and so LATERMES came to write its own story on the precious healing property of Edipsos' thermal water. Nowadays, in modern laboratories and under the strictest hygiene and quality control standards, with the constant supervision of specialists, a series of natural products are made, bringing the water of Edipsos to your home and giving you the daily care that you deserve!


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